Wireless Charging Solutions for Businesses

The adoption of wireless charging onto the industry is moving into a new phase. With the growing demand for all kinds of wireless charging solutions, the cost for creating them can be justified more easily. With the right knowledge and experience, each new challenge can be developed into a unique application.

Although product designers, developers and manufacturers across all industries are only just beginning to see the added value wireless charging technology has, invisible power sources can already be found at many locations.

Furniture, interior and kitchen designers, the healthcare industry, hotel chains, restaurant owners and industrial equipment manufacturers: they all understand wireless charging technologies will improve quality of life.

White Label

Wireless charging solutions - White Label - ZENS MFi Wireless Charging Case

Wireless Charging

White Label

White label products are tailor-made quality solutions, manufactured by category experts. Trusted solutions that empower brands and increase revenues.

ZENS develops high-quality Qi charging solutions and products to enable your company to quickly anticipate to the rapid adoption of the technology.

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custom wireless chargerCustom Engineering

Wireless Charging

Custom Engineering

Are you struggling with a complex technical issue that involves wireless charging technology? Do you wish to significantly improve the architectural technical quality of one of your systems? Do you want faster, safer, smarter and more efficient Qi wireless charging technology to be available everywhere?

Looking for an innovative wireless charging solution? At ZENS we are agile and independent wireless charging specialists.

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wireless charging custom engineering support

smart office furniture wireless chargingSmart Office Solutions

ZENS Smart Office Solution Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging

Smart Office Solutions

Stop wandering around looking for your colleagues and/or available workplaces!

With the ZENS Smart Office Solution you’ll immediately know where your co-workers are and which desks are still free.

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Create a wireless charging hotspot with the PuK

We offer several options to create a wireless charging solution with the PuK

Visible Hotspot


Wireless charging surface for any type of furniture · Totally invisible · Hidden Qi transmitter for installation in any countertop; office, desk, table, bedside table, nightstand, lamp, kitchen appliance, bedroom, restaurant or custom solution

Invisible Hotspot


Invisible wireless surface charger Qi hi-macs worktop countertop furniture desk embedded

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We know for many people wireless charging is a rather new topic. To make wireless charging hotspots available for everyone to enjoy, many factors need to be taken into consideration.

If you’re thinking about applying the technology to your business environment, do not hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help.

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Improve quality of life – go wireless

ZENS is your innovative wireless charging expert. Located right at the heart of one of Europe’s most prominent high-tech centres, we develop state-of-the-art wireless charging innovations that aim to improve quality of life.

At the right place, at the right time, between the right people

Densely inhabited with the most reliable technological experts, the Eindhoven Brainport region is renowned for its highly innovative and collaborative state of mind.  From this ever-inspirational environment, custom wireless charging solutions in any shape or form are developed for partners across all industries.

Furniture, interior and kitchen designers, the healthcare industry, restaurant-owners, hotel-chains and industrial equipment manufacturers: they all understand wireless charging technologies will improve our quality of life.


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