Multi-coil wireless charger with 16 coils for ultimate freedom of placement

Have you ever accidently misplaced your phone on a wireless charger and consequently woken up with a phone that has an almost empty battery? ZENS will be the first brand in the world to solve this problem by launching the ZENS LIBERTY; a wireless charger with 16 overlapping charging coils. ZENS will launch two variations of the 16-coil wireless charger; an edition with a special Kvadrat textile surface and a limited edition with a glass see-through surface.

ZENS LIBERTY 16-coils wireless charger, lifestyle with Samsung S10 and iPhone Xs

16 coil wireless charger for complete freedom of placement

So far, existing wireless chargers only have a few charging coils and your device needs to be placed on a specific spot on the charging pad. The 16 coil wireless charger gives you complete freedom of placement, allowing you to place two devices anywhere on the charging pad. Read the full press release for more information on the ZENS LIBERTY or subscribe to the ”consumer products” category of the ZENS newsletter (see bottom homepage) if you would you like to be kept up to date about the availability and further developments.

How wireless charging and coils work

Wireless charging basically uses an electromagnetic field and inductive coupling to transfer energy from point A (transmitter coil in the wireless charger) to point B (receiver coil in your device). The charger typically uses an induction coil to create an alternating electromagnetic field, which is then converted back into electricity by the receiver coil in the mobile device and fed into the battery.

ZENS LIBERTY 16-coils wireless charger, glass (limited) edition

Coils and freedom of placement

Simply said, the coil in the charger collaborates with the coil in the mobile device to create electricity for the battery to be charged. Thus, it is important for the two charging coils of both the charger and the mobile device to be aligned with each other for a battery to be charged. Having multiple coils in the same charger, effectively makes the charging spot bigger and a bigger charging spot gives you more freedom of placement. Now imagine having 16 coils well-spread throughout the charging pad. These 16 coils allow the mobile device to be placed anywhere on the charging pad for its battery to be recharged.

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