ZENS Crossdock Wireless Charger


ZENS Crossdock Wireless Charger


Product description

Functionals and ZENS have combined their expertise to design a new product, the ZENS Crossdock Wireless Charger. The Crossdock Wireless is an attractive media rack offering convenient storage for your magazines and books while integrating the signature ZENS PuK Wireless Charger.

The PuK Wireless Charger utilizes the Qi system. Simply place your Qi tablet or smartphone on the PuK for effortless wireless charging. Never run out of battery again.

The Crossdock Wireless’ form and walnut wood reference the traditional Dutch magazine rack, while the white powder-coated aluminum base is firmly rooted in the present. The subtle message behind its design is that “antique” forms of communication like newspapers and magazines can peacefully co-exist with modern devices.


  • Frame: Walnut wood, oiled
  • Dockstation: Aluminum, powder coated in textured white
  • Qi certified inductive technology –  7 inductor coils embedded in charging pad
  • Supports drop and go wireless charging anywhere on the pad
  • Ultra-low standby power


  • Type: ZECR01W
  • Unit dimensions (L x W x H in cm): 50 x 35 x 40
  • Unit net weight (g): 2800
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