ZENS Apple iPhone / Watch Powerbank Black


ZENS Apple iPhone / Watch Powerbank Black


With a sleek, ultra-slim design the ZENS Apple iPhone / Watch Powerbank Black is a fantastic space-saving way to charge your Apple iPhone and/or Apple Watch at home, in the office or on the go.

2 in 1 powerbank for both Apple iPhone and Apple Watch

MFi - Made for iPhone and Apple Watch



  • No need to add your own Apple Watch Charger, there’s an Apple MFi Certified module included in the ZENS Powerbank.
  • Cable charging for Apple iPhone.
  • The ZENS Apple iPhone / Watch Powerbank Black has a strong 4000 mAh built-in battery.
  • To charge the ZENS Apple iPhone/Watch Powerbank black itself, simply plug it into a laptop or PC or use it with a USB mains adapter.
  • Stylish and protective quality design.

ZENS Apple iPhone / Watch Powerbank Black


  • Type: ZEPW02B
  • 4000 mAh
  • 1 USB port
  • 2A Output  –  High efficiency charging
  • Unit dimensions (L x W x H in cm): 13,5 x 4,0 x 1,7
  • Unit net weight (g): 109


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“WIRED very much likes this clever new device from Netherlands-based ZENS – and it’s a neat solution for those gallivanting around sporting both an Apple Watch and smartphone. This 4000mAh portable battery has one USB port as well as a built-in Apple Watch wireless charging module, so you can top up the juice on your mobile as well smartwatch on the hoof. The narrow design is pleasing – 13,5 x 4 x 1,7cm (LxWxH) – and it weighs 109g, but really it means you don’t have to carry around an Apple charging dock or cable, which is a definite boon.”

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