ZENS iPhone 4 / 4S Wireless Charging Case


ZENS iPhone 4 / 4S Wireless Charging Case


Product description

The ZENS iPhone 4 / 4S Wireless Charging Case not only offers ultimate protection for your valuable iPhone, but also allows it to be charged wirelessly!

The case – with built-in Qi technology – is as slim as any other iPhone case and is compatible with all Qi wireless chargers. At home, at work and every available wireless charging hotspot.


  • Easy wireless charging at home or at work
  • Integrated Qi technology to charge your iPhone wirelessly
  • Stylish and protective quality design
  • Compatible with any ZENS Qi wireless charger

ZENS iPhone 4 / 4S Wireless Charging Case


  • Type: ZEI401B
  • Unit dimensions (L x W x H in cm): 12,5 x 6,3 x 1,5
  • Unit net weight (g): 45


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Forbes logo“Unlike a number of smartphones with wireless technology built-in, Apple has not yet jumped onto the wireless charging bandwagon.

ZENS iPhone Technology

In the meantime, the ZENS Smart Wireless Charging Case adds a Qi-based charging pad inside a thin and durable case for the iPhone. Pop the iPhone in this case, drop it on a charging pad, and all the benefits of wireless charging are yours.”

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