PuK ® Built-in Wireless Surface Charger for Businesses

The ZENS PuK Built-in Wireless Surface Charger, named PuK due to its resemblance to an ice hockey puck, offers an integrated wireless charging solution to create wireless charging sweet spots for devices using Qi.

With the fast growing demand for power and charging everywhere, the PuK wireless surface charger is developed to create wireless charging hotspots for use around the globe in offices, hotels, restaurants, kitchens, stores and home environments. Some examples of applications include desks, counters and bedside tables.

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PuK wireless charger for businesses - smart

The ZENS PuK Family is developed in cooperation with some of the most progressive designers from the international office furniture industry. Because of their close involvement, PuK wireless chargers can easily be applied to every available flat surface, made from every type of material.

Composite worktops, countertops manufactured from the advanced LG Hi-Macs material, or ultra-thin, but very solid Volkern laminate.

The ZENS PuK Family can be applied in hospitals, shops and laboratories, but also in sleek, modern design kitchens. Designed to keep workplaces organized and mobile-friendly, this universal wireless charger can be implemented into both new and existing pieces of furniture. PuK’s can already be found in numerous entities, ranging from table tops to soft seated couches.

Safety guaranteed

‘Friendly’ metals in all Qi designations are always heavily protected.  The ZENS PuK Built-in Wireless Charger does not have magnets integrated, your debit and creditcards are completely safe.

Foreign Object Detection (FOD) prevents ‘unwanted’ metal objects from absorbing and inducing energy from a wireless charging field. Base stations and receivers can stop wireless charging processes to ensure maximum safety and efficiency.


The ZENS PuK built-in wireless charger for businesses is CE, FCC, UL and Qi certified.

PuK wireless charger for businesses – simple

Biggest positioning area and most user-friendly solution

The advantages are obvious: the built-in / built-on wireless charger eliminates fussing with wires and plugs. Simply place your mobile device on the charging area hotspot and recharging commences without the use of an adapter. Intuitive, very user friendly and highly convenient.

Effortless wireless charging

Some of The ZENS PuKs feature not one, but seven inductor coils that automatically detect a device’s signal.

Multiple coils allow you to place a device where you want, without the need to search for a ‘sweet spot’ for proper charging. The ZENS PuK Family is the most user-friendly integrated wireless charging solution available today.

The system will recognize when it needs to transmit power to your device. A small “tone” will indicate that your mobile device is in the right position. A small ‘buzz” indicates that the ZENS PuK is charging.

Investing in expensive rebated wired (UK-US-EU) sockets is no longer needed. It doesn’t matter where employees come from, international organizations don’t need to equip offices, desks and tables with all kinds of expensive plugs and sockets anymore.

The ZENS PuK Family is designed in a most durable way. Manufactured from sustainable, top-quality material and designed to withstand water, coffee or other liquids spills.

PuK wireless charger for businesses – fast charging

The Qi certified ZENS PuK 3 Built-in Wireless Charger can deliver higher power levels (up to 15W) to compatible receivers, resulting into significantly faster charging times.

The ZENS PuK 3 Built-in Wireless Charger is compatible with all Qi standards and enables two-way communication with compatible receivers.

The introduction of 15W wireless charging solutions will strongly improve user-experience of portable devices. For fast wireless charging and longer battery-life, consider the ZENS PuK 3 Wireless Charger.

Choose your PuK

ZENS PuK 1 Built-in Wireless Surface Charger

Available as: only visible

Output: 5 Watt

Usage: Charges smartphones and smartwatches

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ZENS PuK 2 Built-in Wireless Surface Charger

Available as: visible, invisible

Output: 5 Watt

Usage: charges smartphones and smartwatches

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ZENS PuK 3 Built-in Wireless Surface Charger

Available as: visible, invisible

Output: 15 Watt

Usage: Fast Charges compatible devices up to 15 Watt. Smartphones, smartwatches, tablets etc.

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More information?

We know for many people wireless charging is a rather new topic. To make wireless charging hotspots available for everyone to enjoy, many factors need to be taken into consideration.

If you’re thinking about applying the technology to your business environment, do not hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help.

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