ZENS will launch the first dual wireless USB-C stick: an essential accessory for Apple Watch and AirPods

(July 10, 2020) -

Eindhoven, July 10th 2020 – With working remotely becoming the norm, we are more connected than ever and videoconferences are becoming standard practice. With all these unexpected changes, worrying about fully charged accessories, should be the last thing on anyone’s mind. Therefore, we will launch a new dual wireless USB-C […]

ZENS now introducing product bundles: wirelessly recharge even more devices simultaneously

(March 31, 2020) -

Eindhoven, March 31st 2020 – The ZENS Apple Watch USB-stick, launched earlier this year together with the Liberty 16 Coils Wireless Chargers, is the ideal add on for any product with a built-in USB-A-port. Since there are a lot of devices or products with built-in USB-ports such as laptops, powerbanks, […]

ZENS Liberty 16 coils wireless charger now available with new Apple Watch USB-stick, the ideal 3-in-1 wireless charger!

(January 3, 2020) -

Eindhoven, January 3rd 2020 – The wait is over. The most anticipated wireless charger of 2020 is now available; the ZENS Liberty 16 coils wireless charger. The 16 overlapping charging coils give complete freedom of placement, allowing you to place two devices anywhere on the charging pad. For those who […]

The world’s first wireless charging stands with lightning connector

(September 4, 2019) -

Berlin, September 4th 2019 – at IFA, ZENS will be launching world’s first wireless charging stands with lightning connector. This new range includes an ideal charger for anyone with Apple devices. Whether you have an iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods (both with and without wireless charging case) or an iPad, these […]

ZENS first in the world to launch a wireless charger with 16 charging coils, offering maximum freedom of placement

(August 23, 2019) -

Eindhoven, August 23rd 2019 – Have you ever accidently misplaced your phone on a wireless charger and consequently woken up with a phone that has an almost empty battery? ZENS will be the first brand in the world to solve this problem by launching the ZENS LIBERTY; a wireless charger […]

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