ZENS Bundle: Dual Wireless Powerbank + Apple Watch USB-stick


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The ZENS Dual Wireless Powerbank and ZENS Aluminium Apple Watch USB-stick are made for each other: connect the Apple Watch USB-stick to the built-in USB-port of the wireless powerbank and you can recharge two devices and an Apple Watch simultaneously. This is the perfect combination to keep your devices charged while traveling or on the go.

ZENS Dual Wireless Powerbank
The Dual Wireless Powerbank is designed to wirelessly recharge two devices at the same time and the ideal charger for while traveling. The powerbank has a 9000 mAh battery capacity and can be recharged wirelessly on any Qi wireless charger. The two built-in USB-A ports allow charging of two additional devices: use the Apple Watch USB-stick and this powerbank recharges up to three devices and Apple Watch at the same time.

ZENS Aluminium Apple Watch USB-stick
The ZENS Apple Watch USB-stick is the ideal add-on for the ZENS Wireless Powerbank. The Apple Watch stick can be connected to any USB-A-port to charge your Apple Watch anytime, anywhere. The small and compact, aluminium design powered simply by USB makes it the ideal Apple Watch charger for on the go. The USB-stick is officially MFi certified and works with all Apple Watches (series 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).


ZENS Dual Wireless Powerbank 

  • 2x5W output
  • 9000 mAh battery capacity
  • Wirelessly recharges two devices simultaneously
  • Two built-in USB-A ports to charge additional devices
  • Wirelessly rechargeable on any Qi wireless charger
  • USB-C cable included
  • Qi certified

ZENS Aluminium Apple Watch USB-stick

  • Works with any USB-A port
  • Small and compact design
  • Made out of high grade aluminium
  • Ideal for while traveling or on the go
  • Works with all Apple Watches
  • MFi certified



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About ZENS

ZENS is the innovative company which specializes in developing and producing state-of-the-art wireless charging solutions for both consumers and businesses across all industries. In 2011, ZENS joined the Wireless Power Consortium (owners of the Qi standard) as one of its first members. ZENS’ headquarters are located at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, the innovation heart of the Netherlands. ZENS stands for ease of use, innovation and design and takes wireless charging one step further by expanding and combining wireless charging with intelligent technologies.




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