Wireless Charging beyond your Smartphone or Tablet!

(August 15, 2014) -

Wireless charging for your electric car Can you imagine a world where we are all driving smart electric cars and you don’t ever have to physically plug in your vehicle to charge? Eindhoven – August 15, 2014 – Well, it may just be possible. Clever engineers at Qualcomm think that […]

ZENS Wireless Charging solutions for Deloitte & Moto 360

(August 15, 2014) -

Eindhoven – August 14, 2014 –We are expecting some great new developments in the coming weeks. During the largest electronic show in beautiful Berlin, Germany there will be several companies showing some new wearables and smartphones. Wireless charging for Moto 360 In Japan, Qi Wireless Charging is already a common technology […]

Smartwatches to be equipped with Qi wireless charging in the near future

(March 27, 2014) -

Qi Wearables for early adopters Eindhoven – August 27, 2014 – You’ll see a lot of exciting developments in the world of high tech and wearables in the near future. Leading brands like Motorola recently announced their first, or even second generation of smartwatches.   Smartwatches could very well be the […]

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