Which wireless charger is best for my smartphone?

(February 7, 2019) -

The higher the power output of a charger is, the faster your device will be charged, right? Why buy a charger with a 10 Watt (W) output if the same charger is available in a 15W version? Well, more power does not necessarily mean faster charging. In some cases it […]

Orgatec 2018: five questions with CEO Erik Plasmans

(October 22, 2018) -

This year’s Orgatec is about culture@work and visionary concepts for a new working culture. Office Republic is interested in how participants in the Orgatec describe the culture in their own company and their vision on the workplace of the future. To clarify this vision, we asked five questions to more […]

The value of Qi certification

(May 16, 2018) -

Wireless charging has been gaining popularity and more branches are realizing its potential. But the real boost in the adoption of wireless charging came when Apple decided to adopt Qi (pronounced: ‘’chee’’) and join the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). Unfortunately, the rapid growth of wireless charging adoption has led to […]

2017: the year that Apple decided the world will move over to a world without cables

(January 1, 2017) -

Eindhoven – Januari 1, 2017 – Happy New Year to everyone! Let 2017 be the year that will remembered as the year that Apple decided the world will move over to a world without cables. We love Apple, we really do. In 2011, the early days of ZENS we made the […]

Always On, Always Connected; wireless charging at the public domain

(February 11, 2016) -

The extended usage of mobile technology requires power sources to be available at any given place and time, to keep batteries charged throughout the day Tribes provides ‘the working nomad’ with inspiring workplaces Eindhoven – February 11, 2016 – As a proud member of the Wireless Power Consortium, ZENS continuously works on […]

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