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Smart Office Solution

Keep in touch with colleagues in the most intuitive way. Just check-in and charge by putting your phone on your desk.

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Apple WatchPowerbank

The most versatile and handy Apple Watch chargers available for travelers.
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Never run out of battery again with ZENS Qi Rechargeable Power Packs

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ZENS | Welcome to the world of wireless charging

Never run out of battery again. Find out how you can effortlessly charge your mobile devices with one of our wireless charging solutions.

ZENS is your innovative wireless power expert. From the heart of one of Europe’s most prominent high-tech centres, we develop state-of-the-art products and solutions to improve quality of life.
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Wireless charging consumer products

As a wireless power expert, we at ZENS offer you a high quality range of wireless chargers. Simply charge your smartphone, smartwatch or any other mobile device

using the Qi standard without the use of any cables. No need for separate chargers or cables and no need for adapters when traveling.

Wireless charging business solutions

Create innovative Qi charging hotspots for your customers or employees to enjoy. As a reliable wireless power expert we offer several services and solutions to help you embed inductive charging technology into your business.

Qi technology integrated into furniture at offices and schools, whether desks or modular smart workspaces. Offering added convenience and hospitality at restaurants and bars. Improving quality of life at people’s homes in bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

Wireless charging white label solutions

Quickly add reliable high quality inductive technology products to your own portfolio with our white label solutions.

These products, packaging and wrappings can be customized accordingly.

Wireless charging custom engineering services

Do you have a great idea to embed wireless charging technology into your business or products and need help to get started? Or are you struggling with a complex technical issue that involves wireless charging technology?

We love to share our extensive technical knowledge with collaborating partners across a very wide range of industries.

Stay up to date. We will keep you posted on our latest developments.