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ZENS Qi Wireless Car Charger

€ 69.99

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wireless car charger

ZENS Qi Wireless Car Charger

€ 69.99

Featuring an eye-catching design, the ZENS Qi Wireless Car Charger is a fantastic space-saving way to charge your phone in your vehicle’s cup holder. Designed for quick and intuitive charging, this Qi-enabled cup holder allows you to charge any compatible smartphone without the annoyance of tangled cables. The ZENS Qi Wireless Car Charger sits in your car’s cup holder and is powered by the vehicle power (cigarette) charger (supplied in the box). Simply place your smartphone in the slot and it will start charging wirelessly.

All Smartphones with Qi Wireless Charging support with a display smaller than 5″ will fit perfectly in the ZENS Qi Wireless Car Charger. Your cup holder must be larger than 75 mm.

Special information for Samsung users: only works with the original Qi Battery Cover for the Galaxy S5. The View Case with Wireless Charging does not fit the ZENS Qi Car Charger.


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    Nice idea and design but one major catch – if like me, you have a Galaxy S5 with the Samsung QI flip case, be warned as it will not fit.

    The slot is marginally too narrow in both width and height.

    I have asked to return it but will be out of pocket as they don’t refund carriage costs and it was sent from Holland :-(

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    Can I use it with a Nexus5 in a bumper case?

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      Hi Gerrit, Thanks for your message. No problem to use the Nexus 5 with bumper case. Enjoy wireless charging!

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    I like this product, do you have any plans on making one compatible with the Samsung S-view wireless case? Thank you

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    Is this comparable with the Nokia Lumia Icon (Verizon USA)? It definitely fits, but there is one review on Amazon that sounds like it *might* work under certain circumstances (with a case ON for some strange reason), but not others (without a case). Thanks!

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